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Clubs and Organizations

Bimonthly Club Days

Known as the LEAP School, Hillcrest Elementary is dedicated to Leadership, Environmental Awareness and Public Service. For almost 60 years, Hillcrest's goal has been to enhance the leader in every child.

Thanks to bimonthly Club Days, students and staff connect with caring adults across the campus who share similar hobbies. Students also have the chance to meet new friends in different grades as they work together to carry out collaborative service projects by the end of the school year. 

Examples of some of the clubs currently offered at Hillcrest Elementary School include: 

  • Culture Club
  • Drawing Club
  • Gaming Club
  • LEAP Kids 
  • Sign Language Club 
  • Step Club 
  • Synergize to Win Club
  • Walking Club

Jr. Beta Club

Additionally, 4th Graders who maintain an overall grade of 90 and above are invited to participate in the Jr. Beta Club, a well-known and highly respected organization that recognizes high achievement and strong moral character. Students are also challenged to complete service projects throughout the year.